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franz x. vollenweider

Project Participant Franz X. Vollenweider, PhD

MD, FMH Psy.,

Professor, Chief Psychiatrist & Director, Center for Psychiatric Research, Psych. Hospital, University of Zürich


List of relevant publications and Patents within the last five years

Total publications 1990-2018: 110 PubMed listed with 2 Highly Cited Publication in Field. Sum of the times cited: 6087 (WEB of Science, March 2018) - H-Index: 47


Krähenmann R, Preller KH, Scheidegger M, Pokorny T, Bosch OG, Seifritz E, Vollenweider FX (2015) Psilocybin-Induced Decrease in Amygdala Reactivity Correlates with Enhanced Positive Mood in Healthy Volunteers. Biol Psychiatry 78: 572-581


Preller KH, Pokorny T, Hock A, Kraehenmann R, Stämpfli P, Seifritz E, Scheidegger M,  Vollenweider FX (2016) Effects of serotonin 2A/1A receptor stimulation on social exclusion processing, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113: 5119-5124


Preller KH, Herdener M, Pokorny T, Planzer A, Kraehenmann R, Stämpfli P, Liechti ME, Seifritz E, Vollenweider FX (2017) The Fabric of Meaning and Subjective Effects in LSD-Induced States Depend on Serotonin 2A Receptor Activation. Curr Biol 27:451-457


Pokorny T, Preller, K.H Kometer M, Dziobek, I, Vollenweider FX (2017), Effect of the preferential 5-HT2A/1A agonist psilocybin on empathy and moral decision making, In. J Neuropsychopharmacol 20:747-757.


Preller KH, Schilbach L, Pokorny T, Flemming J, Seifritz E, Vollenweider FX (2018) Role of the 5-HT2A receptor in self- and other-initiated social interaction in LSD-induced states - a pharmacological fMRI study, J Neurosci 38:3603-3611

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1982-1986        Doctoral Thesis, Inst. of Toxicology of ETH and Univ.                            ZH, Schwerzenbach

1987-1989        Postdoctoral Fellow, Brain Research Institute, Univ. ZH,                          Zürich

1989-1991        Residency in Psychiatry, Psychiatric University Hospital                          Zürich, Research Dept.

1991-1993        Research Assistant, PET Center Paul Scherrer Institute                            (PSI-ETH), Villigen

1994                 Residency in Internal Medicine, Dept of Internal                                  Medicine, PUK, Zürich,

1995                 Senior Resident, PUK, Zürich

1996-                Head of Research Group                                                                “Neuropsychopharmacology and Brain”, PUK ZH

2000                 Habilitation, University of Zürich: The Neurobiology of                          Model Psychoses

2002-2007        Research Coordinator, Clinic for Affective Disorders                              and General Psychiatry Zürich

2007-                Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Zürich

2012-                Co-Director Center for Psychiatric Research, DPPP,                                Psychiatry Hospital, Univ. ZH

2016-                Chief Psychiatrist (Chefarzt), DPPP, Psychiatry Hospital,                          Univ. ZH


1990                 Twinning Grant 1990, Award of the Swiss Society for                            Biol. Psychiatry, Switzerland

1997                 Heffter Institute Award 1997 (USA) for outstanding                                clinical research, USA

2000                 Götz Prize of the University of Zürich, Switzerland,

2000                 NARSAD Independent Invest. Award, USA

2002                 BAP Prize 2002, British Association for                                                Psychopharmacology (BAP), London

2004                 NARSAD Independent Invest. Award, USA

2008                 Achievement Award, Alliance for Psychiatric Disorders,                          New York, USA

2015                 Fetzer Institute AWARD, USA

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